Grinch Belichick Hands T-Rex Ryan Xmas Gift

DATELINE: By Skin of Their Teeth


Jets often lay low in the high grass of the Meadowlands.

New England’s Patriots know how to play down to the lowest level of the AFC.

When you want to get down and dirty, the Jets will revel in the muddy truth. In a game that the Patriots should sleep walk to victory, they faced Rex Ryan’s minions playing over their heads.

When the T-Rex tells his team that King Kong can be knocked out, they believe him. During the first half of the game, the Patriots looked about as befuddled as Kong facing those ancient technological marvels, the biplanes.

The team that should have been gnats for Belichick to swat seemed to have become dangerous Tsetse flies. Tom Brady seemed to turn yellow with malaria before our eyes.

If T-Rex high-fiving his players weren’t enough to fire up the Patriots, then this is not a Super Bowl caliber team.

Worse yet, all those close-ups on Gronk showed that he is starting to lose his hair, not a good omen for the Samson of Foxboro. By next year he will start to look like Wes Welker before the transplants.

Tom ought to give Gronk the number of his hair specialist immediately before another follicle bites the dust. In the meantime, Gronk and Tom seemed to be thinking of last minute Xmas shopping, instead of a victory.

Grinch Belichick is a mean one, but this Christmas he was more than willing to give old nemesis Rex a happy holiday in the fashion of a moral victory. Patriots hung on by one measly point.

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