T-Rex Ryan Chomps on Patriots One More Time


rex before&after

Rex Ryan: Then and Now

As the Patriots go up against the New York Jets one last time in 2014, garbage time in some sports cities, Boston fans are having a last laugh at Tyrannosaurus Rex Ryan.

The man who once spread fear into Patriot hearts has devolved into a figure of comedy and pity.

Rex Ryan ‘coulda been a contender’, if we put him into the chubby Marlon Brando role in On the Waterfront. Nowadays you could say that Ryan prowls the docks looking for a quarterback. He would have given his kingdom for a quarterback.

Of course, to suggest with snide derision that Rex might have won a Super Bowl with Tom Brady rather takes a hoity-toity look at the job of head coach. You need more than a legendary, godlike visitor on the order of someone out of the Ancient Aliens. Tom does fit the Bill, but likely would not have fit the T-Rex.

Ryan never let the Patriots walk all over him. He was like a punch drunk fighter who didn’t know the word “tank.” Ryan always made his teams competitive and gave the Patriots a run for their rings.

We don’t expect T-Rex to kiss anybody’s ring finger, but he could chomp down hard as the final game of 2014 between the haves and have nots reaches it acme.

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