What If They Gave an Interview and No One Cared?


Hynkel's Dance PartnerFranco-stein

Suppose North Korea declared war on Hollywood and everybody laughed.

The looney premise of a comedy movie by Hollywood irreverent and insouciant actors (Seth Rogan, James Franco) has now become a costly bill. The overindulgent generation that thought they could act with impunity has now discovered madmen and despots are dangerous. The movie called The Interview is public enemy #1 in North Korea.

Does anyone really think attacks on filmgoers attending a mindless assassination comedy are imminent? We fully expect the critics will kill this movie. But, it is an open question. In this day and age, anything goes.

Freedom of speech has met its match in North Korean due diligence.

Most people likely believe the hacking of Sony Productions is a publicity stunt. Hearing that the enemy has let us know we are our own worst enemies is a joke of the first order. How many movie fans think stars being called egomaniacs is no big news?

Is it bravura, or can the long arm of North Korean assassins do in the movie stars of The Interview—and the ticket-buying public too?

Movie stars now step back and say the media should not report ugly, private emails when for years they have bitten the hand of the media every day. Whether North Korea can take down a movie studio is an interesting question.

We are not quite sure what to make of threats against movie-goers for plunking down $10 to watch political satire. Comedy movies by Seth Rogan and James Franco are not exactly our cup of tea, though we reserve the right to call The Interview high art on the order of The Great Dictator.

In all likelihood, we are more inclined to think this is a tempest in a teacup.

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