Gearing Up & Gearing Down for the Big Hernandez Trial

DATELINE: Keep Those Patriot Petticoats Under Wraps

tatt boy

Keep Those Pat Tatts Under Cover

We knew deep down that Judge Susan Garsh was not a New England Patriots fan. And, she proved it with her latest ruling.

No one will be allowed into the courtroom wearing any kind, type, style, or makeshift, Patriot gear. Not only that, she will ban anyone in such outfittings from the building itself.

Those planning to wave Patriot pennants in the spectator rows will be forthwith removed from the courtroom.

We suspect this means there will be no openly visible Patriot fans on the jury. If you thought you could wear a Pat Patriots helmet to the jury selection, think again.

This is especially bad news for owner Robert Kraft, a likely witness for the prosecution. Kraft is a well-known self-promoter, and he may be deeply depressed that he cannot plug his Super Bowl bound-team. Of course, if the trial coincides with the Super Bowl, Kraft may be sorry indeed that he is missing the big game.

We were looking into what this means for our fashion-plate press corps. The usual beat reporters who ask Gronk questions while he is naked will not be able to report on what Patriot gear the defendant is wearing under his orange jumpsuit. We know that he may have a superstition that requires so kind of victor’s Patriot gear under the overcoat.

Since the Patriots themselves have collected and destroyed Hernandez jerseys (#81 and #85, home and away), fans may be hard pressed to find the right garment to wear while they line the streets of Fall River when Hernandez is driven past in a police car to the trial each day.








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