Scandalous Sinatra in Australia




Little known film All the Way from 2003 might be a cable TV movie that no one ever saw, but it features a bravura performance from Dennis Hopper as Frank Sinatra. The movie also is known under another title, helping to keep it lost.

In his old age Hopper could channel Sinatra in his old age.

Perhaps the scourge of fame and scandal helped one counter-culture legend play off and play at the show business culture icon. Sinatra had become his own legend’s proponent in his later years.

The songs are sung by a Sinatra impersonator, but Hopper has clearly studied the footage of concerts and body language of Ol’Blue Eyes.

The 1973 trip to Australia was a disaster from the start, organized by a laid-back promoter (Joel Edgerton) who is mostly surf-bum and son of a mobster. Charming, he manages to win over the Chairman of the Board.

Alas, the culture of Australia does not take kindly to the acerbic insults Sinatra hurls. Before long, he is prisoner in his hotel room—as unions deny him services, water, and all other creature comforts. He cannot even leave the country.

Sinatra never apologized and took the world on his terms, as his girlfriend Barbara Marx (Melanie Griffith) could attest. His agent (an unrecognizable David Hemmings in one of his last roles) is a long-suffering toadie.

The film delineates a turning point for Sinatra where ego and arrogance were hard qualities to divest.

The movie is worth it for the performances alone. It is a little known aspect of the great singer’s career—and may be fascinating to Sinatra devotees and those who love the TMZ celebrity culture.sinatra movie

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