Tom Brady’s Vision of an Endless Youthful Career



Nothing Up His Sleeve but Presto!

The ridiculous and the sublime have made an appearance at the pre-game rituals of the New England Patriots as they prepare to face the Miami Dolphins. It smacks of shock and awe. It sounds like something that reaches from the inner mind to the outer limits. Supply your own echo chamber.

Yes, a plethora of stories has emerged that Tom Brady plans to play until he is 50. Though this had been whispered as a joke until now, sources close to Brady indicate he takes this seriously.

Surrounded with the trainers and mental coaches that support his view, Brady has found people who have told him the Fountain of Youth exists. His handlers feel that he has stopped the aging process dead in its tracks.

Well, he looks good. Mineral water and plastic surgery have done wonders for Bruce Jenner—and Tom can certainly follow that regimen with his beauty conscious wife at his side.

No, seriously, folks, there have been hints this week for the first time that, like John Travolta and Tom Cruise, Tom Brady may be channeling L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology and Ponce de Leon into his playing career.

His advisors now claim he has rubberized his arm and will be able to throw touchdowns for another decade.

What seems missing from the grand scheme is the fact that Tom also requires what is loosely called a team around him. When protection falters, when he is left facing a freakish human error in protection, his healthy regimen will do him no good.

Love of the game counts for little in the final analysis. Luck of the draw may be a wilder card.

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