Gronk Wears Leopard Skin Pillbox Hat

DATELINE:  Cattiness

thank you, ESPN

Photo Credit, No Thanks to ESPN

We are appalled that in December, with the Patriots making another run to clinch the AFC title, we have been overwhelmed with Boston Red Sox news.

We almost forgot there was a game on Sunday. Well, since it’s against the Miami Dolphins (that once were considered a rising competition), we have fallen asleep at the keyboard.

If any Patriot news hit us between the eyes this week, it was the news that Gronk is a cat lover and snuggles up to kitty cats. We knew he loved those big cats and pussycats too. We first learned his identity when he was caught in an Arizona hotel room with a pussycat four years ago.

We have to commend Bob Dylan for writing a song about Gronk back in the 1960s. Yes, the Patriot is now wearing a leopard skin pillbox hat.

We think Gronk would be happier with a dog, but as long as he has Julian Edelman to follow him around, there may be no pressing need for a mutt.

We’ve seen Gronk posing in any which way, even for Animal Crackers, but the recent ESPN shoot proves big game isn’t always in Africa. What’s new, Pussycat, indeed? Tom Jones must be laughing somewhere.

If you worry that a pussycat will scratch out Gronk’s eyeball, you have our sympathy. Playing with cats usually ends up with a palimony suit. As of now, Gronk is wearing a leopard skin suit. There are no spots on him.

We can only tie this frivolity to the Dolphins in a sense that big cats like to shoot fish in a barrel, which may be as good as any way to describe the game at Foxboro on Sunday.

To Gronk a dolphin is no more significant than a goldfish in a bowl.

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