Angel or Choirboy? Tom Brady Drops His F-Bomb Choice


Tom as Satire

Tom Brady’s colorful F-Bombs drop like the gentle rain from heaven.

In a news flash that seemed puzzling and worthy of CNN coverage at Ferguson, Missouri, Tom Brady gave a radio interview to one of the most egregious of all sports blabber shows where bleeps are commonplace.

This time, for a paid radio fee, Tom admitted publicly that he was “no choir boy.” Since Tom has been a role model for choirboys all over New England for over a decade, this was stuff for the confessional.

And, why is Tom Brady no angel?

Well, if you compare him to colleagues who beat children and beat their wives, Tom seems destined for canonization before his career is over.

Tom uses the occasional F-bomb on field. It seems this has shocked radio talkmasters who are forbidden from doing so on the job. Their green-eyed jealousy seems palpable. These are the same people who have pushed the envelope all the way to the FCC and back.

Tom Brady so far has not gone on a public address system in front of grandmothers and children to drop his F-bomb. He does it in the company of man-children (to use the colorful term Jules Edelman coined for his teammate Gronk).

Tom’s wife won’t let him use that kind of language at home in front of the kiddos—and he won’t use it in front of his mother. He blames NBC and CBS for putting those damn microphones too close for comfort.

Tom let it be known that F-bombs are his release among fellow men. We await the chance to hear him curse out autograph seekers and radio show hosts.

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