Zullard Unites with Rondo


ZULLARDMeet Zullard


Zullard replaces Jelly O’Sully for Celtics? Say it ain’t so!

If you want to know what Kelly Olynyk feels like, sitting on the bench, you only have to look at Will Middlebrooks sitting on the bench.

But, we know it won’t be for much longer. Will Middlebrooks has become a staple of injury and failed potential in Boston, and he will likely take that talent to a new venue soon. He has a better chance of changing his venue than Aaron Hernandez.

And, much as we hate to see our golddust twin to Jared Sullinger be sent packing, there are fans aplenty calling for his head to be rolled down the highway next to the head of Jonas Gray.

Kelly Olynyk may be the next Andrew Miller. He will be traded unceremoniously, then discovered to be an under appreciated gem. When you want him back, he will sign with the Yankees and say, “Jacoby Ellsbury said it was all right.”

Jelly O’Sully has been replaced by Zullard, which is the tandem that makes Rajon Rondo salivate.

jelly O'Sully So Long, Jelly

When Tyler Zeller catches impossible passes from the impossibly chic Rondo, you know he is heading for double-doubles. And, when Rondo anoints you, can coach Brad Stevens be far behind?

There are players we cried to see leave town (please, don’t remind of us our crying jag over Greg Stiemsma).

Eventually all things will pass, especially if you can’t catch a Rondo pass.

Jelly O’Sully may be dead, but long live Zullard.

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