Did Justin Bieber Lay a Curse on Gronk?


Gronk in Strait Jacket

A Little SWAG moment between them…

A news story circulating around this week seems to be old news to everyone except the Patriots and Gronk. On the West Coast you stay away from Justin Bieber.

Celebrities have avoided a photograph with Justin Bieber because of the notorious Curse of the Biebs. For those who stopped reading gossip columns after suffering a Lindsay Lohan overdose, Bieber is another non-talent famous for being famous.

What makes Bieber worse is that he apparently sings, making him a 21st century Rudy Valllee.

And we thought people avoided his presence simply because he was bad news.

The past three sports teams that allowed the little pipsqueak into their locker room have suffered ignominious defeats. So, old friend Doc Rivers of the Clippers was not doing his lifelong pal Bill Belichick any good whatsoever by opening the Forum locker room to Gronk and letting him cavort with his Minitron party animal pal.

You might think Gronk has his hands full when he parties with BBF Mini-mirror Julian Edelman.

Affable Gronk is never one to avoid the animal cracker photo pose if there are Paparazzi anywhere within a spike’s range.

After two years of misery and injury, Gronk should be wearing four horseshoes and tiptoeing about on rabbit’s feet in an effort to stay healthy. He should not be seen in the presence of a guy who thinks Easter eggs belong smashed into his neighbor’s front windows.

Gronk wore an outfit that would bring chills to the heart of fashionista Rajon Rondo—the springtime surfer look of a strait-jacket. Someone must have warned Gronk that he was entering a snake pit of bad luck with Bieber.


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