Sports Superheroes like Brady, Rondo, & Rodgers


clark kent & bruce wayne

Clark Kent Meets Bruce Wayne

Outside the world of a comic book convention, the real secret identities of Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers will likely be Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne.

Of course, we are hard-pressed to yank both men out of the closet and reveal their superhero demeanors to the world.

We speculate that Brady is Bruce Wayne, who parades around as a millionaire playboy. And we think the hard-working stiff with a mild mannered disguise is Clark Kent.

2015 is probably the year that Batman and Superman will go head-to-head in the Super Bowl.

he-men at work

Superman Meets Batman

It’s hard to believe that such heroic young men could hide themselves in such dandified plates of fashion. Yeah, yeah, we remember than Zorro hid behind his foppish alter ego named Don Diego—and yeah, they seek him here and they seek him there—but the Scarlet Pimpernel was a British fop by day.

It seems a good way to throw the public off-balance.

There is a long tradition of superheroes being in the closet, so to speak.

Why, just this week in Boston, another superhero, our own Rajon Rondo, was caught out of his Spiderman costume and talking to Zombie Heinsohn.

Rondo Listens!

Naked Spiderman Meets Zombie

You never can read too much into a photo.

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