Over the Rainbow with Jelly and Philly Pressey



If the Detroit Pistons were a city, they’d be ….Detroit.

If Jelly O’Sully were a threesome, it would include Philly Steak Cutlet.

One of the worst teams in the NBA had their fourth quarter opportunity to knock off a leading Boston Celtics team. Unlike every other team the Celtis have played this season, the Pistons did not overcome.

It was a night that saw Rajon Rondo pulled off the court repeatedly. Was he injured? Well, his ego took a beating. Coach Brad Stevens feared he would be fouled in a critical situation—and the coach did not want Rondo at the free throw line.

When Rondo has a free throw, the game gets thrown in the hopper.

Also, it was a game in which the Golddust Twin KO Kelly Olynyk returned from whence no traveler usually returns. He actually played aggressive basketball, not his usually oversensitive style.

He livened up when Phil Pressey came on court to replace Rondo. Both young men fired up and raced around the court with crisp passes. They took control of the Celtics—overshadowing even the return of Marcus Smart.

Yet, the Celtics were not in the catbird seat by any means. You see Jared Sullinger went on hiatus until the overtime period. Then, he saw the hoop and started spewing three-point shots from the arc.

We were delighted to see the return of Jelly O’Sully with their boy Elroy Pressey.

Peabody and Sherman is an imperfect metaphor for the doglike devotion between Pressey and Olynyk.

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