Crossing the Rubicon for Belichick and Spikes

DATELINE: Crossed Testimony

Belichick & Spikes

Witnesses Unleashed: Belichick & Spikes

At long last the real reason Brandon Spikes was sent packing has been revealed.

When the Patriots let Brandon Spikes go to the Buffalo Bills, you had to wonder what was behind the conflict with Coach Bill Belichick.

We know Belichick is not a man to be crossed, and he is a man who crosses his Ts and eliminates any extraneous uncrossed Ts. Brandon Spikes was a thorn in his side. And, he knew too much.

Now that the Aaron Hernandez witness, witless list is public, we find that Belichick and Spikes share an unpleasant tie: confidantes of said serial killer Hernandez.

Whatever Belichick said or did with Hernandez, the killer likely told his old college buddy, Spikes. Those Florida boys learned early how to cheat and get away with it. And, Belichick seemed to find them irresistible. He even brought Tim Tebow in for a while for comic relief.

Spikes will have plenty of time to testify during the trial, as his season will be long over by the time his subpoena arrives. Belichick, on the other hand, will be in the midst of preparing his game plans for a February super day.

Spikes thinks nothing of shooting off his mouth, and Belichick is the epitome of laconic. Somewhere with the prosecuting attorneys, these two must have crossed wires.

Some speculate that the “safe house” where Hernandez stored his guns and drugs was an idea given him by a far smarter adviser. That isn’t Spikes. The adviser probably isn’t owner Robert Kraft who readily admits he is a dupe of the first order.

We can hardly wait for trial time. And remember, folks, there will be two trials. You can be sure if Belichick’s testimony is juicy, the prosecutors for the subsequent double-homicide will be licking their chops.

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