Jelly O’Sully About to be Rent Apart


jelly O'Sully

The strange case of Jelly O’Sully would make Robert Louis Stevenson cry. Jekyll and Hyde had nothing on Sullinger and Olynyk. It appears one half of the new Celtics is too sensitive to buy into his genetic splice.

Yes, after a mind meld that would make Spock and Kirk one, we tried the technique last season on Jared Sullinger and Kelly Olynyk. They seemed like two halves of a future dynasty.

And, for a while, Coach Stevens (just call him Robert Louis Stevens) seemed to play along. He brought together the two disparate souls and tried to weave them into a starting lineup core to pass off Rajon Rondo, another head case that already had two halves.

After a promising start, Kelly Olynyk has started to tank. Now after an abysmal November, you find Olynyk and Sullinger separated on the court.

It appears that Kelly Olynyk is now KO’d. He spends more time on the bench, sitting next to his soulmate Phil Pressey. They seem to be the ones with chemistry, but we are not getting much better living through this chemistry.

It may be that where Pressey goeth, so shall KO follow.


We used to have a tandem like this in Boston: it was Kendrick and Rajon, but the Celtics tore them asunder and created a downfall for the franchise. Wags noted that you couldn’t have two men starting who couldn’t shoot a free throw.

Now you can’t have two men spliced into one superstar.

Jelly O’Sully looks like jelly without peanut butter.

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