Attractive Older Man Loses to Aaron Rodgers


High Hatting

The Patriots hit a bump in the road on the way to the Super Bowl. His name is Aaron Rodgers.

If Rodgers had manhandled that cheese head stalker of State Farm insurance like he handled Tom Brady, there’d be more respect for the Green Bay QB. Of course, we don’t condone elder abuse under any circumstances. The next old guy you disparage could be a sports humorist.

Tom Brady came to Lambeau Field in Green Bay and had his clock cleaned. This was nearly as embarrassing as watching Jonas Gray throw his alarm clock out the window.

Apparently, the healing waters of the Fountain of Youth cannot be located in the frostbite capital of football, and Giselle did not pack a thermos of the elixir for her husband.

Optimists looked at the game won by the Cheese Packers and saw Bill Belichick’s Machiavellian brilliance at work at every turn. He has now lulled Green Bay into a false sense of security. They think they are now better than the Patriots and will let their guard down when February’s big game is on the line.

We wouldn’t put it past Belichick to keep his best-laid plans secret from the Green Bay team. He will use shock and awe in the Super Bowl. You can always count on shock and awe, right? We put it right up there next to “Mission Accomplished.”

Pessimists looked at the same game to end the Patriot win streak and saw Tom Brady looking like a man of another generation next to Aaron Rodgers who looks like he just stepped out of GQ. Tom looked like he was posing for AARP’s centerfold.

Fortunately for AFC Patriots, losing to a team over in the NFC doesn’t carry much credence in November.

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