Pat Patriot Picked a Pack of Picky Packers


Aaron's stalker

Today the faint of heart expect that some feint hearted blow will explain the Super Bowl.

Yes, for the first time in years, the New England Patriots are up at Lambeau field where cold and cruel weather warms the cockle of Bill Belichick’s pea-sized heart.

This time of year Aaron Rodgers flourishes in the igloo known as Lambeau. Tom Brady, often thought to be some California softie, will freeze up like the Tin Woodman. Of course, Tom did much playing in nearby Michigan where Frostbite Falls, Wisconsin, is given a run for its money.

We distrust those who claim the Super Bowl is being given an out of town tryout in Cheesehead country.


It’s too early to make such prognostications. When the Packers pack in switchie king Adrian Peterson or Ray Rice-a-Roni among the cheese chards, we might agree. But, double-check that, Aaron Rodgers.

Might the Patriots upset the applecart and sign Old Hickory Stick and take the heat in liberal Massachusetts? We hate to be the one asking if Rice-a-Roni is still beating his wife.

You never know from week to week who will be left standing for the month of December. Signing disreputable saviors may become the most distasteful of options by next week.

Who you may well ask will be the real winner of today’s big game between the Patriots and the Packers? We can safely say that it will be the team that leaves the field unscathed, regardless of the score.


Forget turnovers and Weather Channel mistakes. The real winner of the big game will be good health for the team with destiny written on its Super Bowl ring.



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