Blame the Messenger in Ferguson


Imbeciles of the media, unite.

We do on occasion diverge from the usual humor of movies and sports to tackle idiocy in society.

Last night we watched the town of Ferguson fill with hate, protestors, news media, and wall-to-wall social media coverage, including CNN.

The story, in case you have been hiding under a rock, concerns the shooting of a black teenager named Michael Brown by a police officer name Darren Wilson.

Some members of society believe Wilson shot and killed the youth out of latent, or not so latent, racism. They demanded he be charged with a crime, ostensibly murder. If not, they would torch the town.

These kind of threats bring hand-wringing and a plea from society leaders for calm and peaceful protest, as if a call for reason ever works.

So, last night, as protestors gathered to hear the verdict, inexplicably announced at night when crowds can hide in the dark and masked culprits feel emboldened. What moron decided to announce the decision at night?

CNN reporters and anchors, notably Anderson Cooper usually thought to be a smart-ass, kept asking how the gathering thousands might hear the verdict on the street. Reporters told him: car radios. Of course, viewers could see people milling about with their smartphones on the CNN app watching dumb Anderson Cooper.

Then, the media wondered why so many people showed up suddenly with intent to commit vandalism. Well, when you bring in hundreds of media members and cameras and put it on live television, it tends to attract the elements of society who want to be seen as activists on television.

So, after luring people to their network with a promise of an 8pm announcement (no truth in advertising), they noted they meant 8pm central time, not eastern. Oh, that ropes in the east coast with false information.

Then, trouble ensued. What a surprise. Actually, it was only a surprise to the news media who created the problem in the first place.




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