Rondo Naps During His Slumber Party

DATELINE: Dreamland

scene from Rondo's PJ Party

Pajamas Optional Slumber Party for Celtics


Rajon Rondo held his annual slumber party on Friday night. This season he waited until game-time in Memphis to cast sleepy-time dust everywhere.

The theme of this year’s snore-fest was Sleeping Beauty with Rondo in the lead role. Though most Rondo fans expected him to wait until the team returned home on some cold winter night, Rondo decided he wanted to experience the thrill of falling asleep at the wheel while out of town.

Not only that, everyone was waiting until the new NBA uniforms were ready to serve as pajamas. For Rondo the uniforms were optional.

Rondo surprised everyone by calling Mr. Sandman to do the play-by-play: bad passes and sloppy misdirection were on his highlight reel. He phoned in one of the worst games of his career, showing total disinterest in assisting players.

Rondo had fewer than five assists for the night, one of the worst numbers in a game where he was not injured. Last time a Boston athlete fell asleep and ruined his season, it was Clay Buchholz who awoke with a stiff neck that lasted until half a season.

Rondo’s annual slumber party usually is a freak show of oddball antics and odder-still friends.

And, without Kendrick Perkins leading the rousing pillow fight among teammates, there just seemed to be lethargy and yawns.

Rajon’s party favors usually include a home cooked meal for the team, or at least a couple of hors d’oeuvres served chilled.

This year’s event left Coach Brad Stevens utterly befuddled at his unofficial assistant’s inability to hit the snooze button with any accuracy.

Jelly O’Sully seemed ready to call the EMTs when Rondo could not be roused from a semi-comatose state. Fortunately for all, Avery Bradley is a whiz at telling bedtime stories. You could wish everyone a good night, but it was a gone-bad nap-time.

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