Arrogance Knows No Politics

scene from Rondo's PJ Party

Celtics Players Undressed for Rondo’s Annual Slumber Party



We are amused by liberal arrogance and conservative hubris. We aren’t sure if there’s a dime’s worth of difference between them.

Bill Cosby won’t discuss the growing mass of women who claim he raped them.

The Westminster Board of Health chairwoman won’t dignify the Neanderthals who refused to agree to ban cigarette sales in their town.

President Obama won’t pay attention to a Republican Congress on matters like immigration.

Outgoing midget governor Deval Patrick of Massachusetts keeps going on political junkets around the world that he calls “business” trips.

Adrian Peterson refuses to take responsibility for child abuse by suggesting it’s merely a parental decision.

The FSU Police Department has finally found a student they cannot excuse or cover-up. He’s not a football player and they shot him 20 times.

The Red Sox have offered Jon Lester a multi-year contract that is a year short and several dollars below what four other teams can offer.

Facebook states there is no such thing as privacy, thereby taking a page out of the Wikileaks website.

The NBA applauds the retirement of openly gay Jason Collins and snickers because no one would let him play.

People who figure they are humanitarians because they work with Ebola patients believe they are immune from illness.

The NBA has designed uniforms that now look like every team is a road show company of Broadway’s chestnut hit Pajama Game.

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