NFL QBs Ready for the Glue Factory



In the flash of a hot tub time machine, a Sunday in November seemed to flick the switch on the lifespan of notable NFL QBs.

It was the day that Peyton Manning could only score 7 points and looked like Brett Favre preparing for his next incarnation.

It was the day that Eli Manning couldn’t remember what color his team’s uniform was; he threw endless complete passes to the opposing team.

It was the day that Drew Brees looked like the Saints were marching out.

Mark Sanchez looked like he was ready to lead the Thanksgiving Parade of Philadelphia Mummers.

It was the day Bill Belichick blew a gasket over Tom Brady’s Hail Mary passes to cream puff land.

If we didn’t know better, we’d say the Mayan calendar just hit its mark. The new era was upon us, and the asteroids only hit the NFL dinosaurs of public relations dominance.

Ready or not, a new generation was ready to sow its wilder oats, and it was time for the glue factory for the decade’s most famous names in football. Ryan Mallett won his first start as an NFL QB. Aaron Rodgers had finally shed his cheese-headed stalker. Andrew Luck had rabbit’s feet in his cleats.

The NFL star-making machine had to remove the sludge from its engine and restart with new names.

It was the losing that embarrassed these great players. They seemed shameless in accepting the blame for their team’s performance. Of course, even when he was less than perfect, Tom Brady continued to win, proving the exception to the rule.


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