Gronk Takes Out the Trash Talker



Hey, That’s Not Olivia Newton-John!

Gronk must be practicing to the music of Olivia Newton-John. He seemed to dance to the tune of “Let’s Get Physical,” a song and video of fame long before Gronk was born.

If ever your gym needed a strongman to keep out the riff-raff, Gronk added to his credentials by removing the litter that had blown onto the field.

On Sunday Gronk received a personal foul for tossing the wet dishrag known as Sergio Brown into the second row of photographers along the out of bounds area. He should have been given a broom and dustpan.

Apparently Brown had been choosing his clearest diction all game long to indicate his feelings for his former teammate. Sergio Brown was on the field when Gronk broke his forearm a few years back. It has left a scar. We note that elephants never forget, and neither do Gronks.

When asked about his tough guy demeanor, the affable Gronk noted that he had tossed Brown “out of the club.”

This illustrated the metaphor that Gronk is a ninja bouncer in the House of Patriotic Gore.

We doubt that membership in a reputable club ever belonged to Sergio Brown. When Bill Belichick tosses you off his roster, you may as well retire.

Gronk’s action found validation when the coach seemed more delighted than irked with his Gronkmeister for bringing a 15-yard penalty upon his teammates.

Any time you can toss the trash off the field, you have made the game cleaner for others. Sergio Brown’s trash talk apparently deserved no less than disposal in Gronk’s patriotic attempt to keep America clean.

Sergio Brown went slightly bonkers on Twitter after the story broke about Gronk’s interview. He noted he was happy to “b the villain.” And he also used the word “egregious” correctly. We are impressed.


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