Teeter Totter with Tom and Luck



You may be watching the balancing act finding its métier tonight.

Tom Brady and Andrew Luck are at opposite ends of the athletic spectrum. Their meeting tonight may be the closest to a question of perfect fulcrum.

Brady is aging, but playing lately like a man who has found the fountain of youth. Luck has been improving after several years in the league and is playing like a man who may be the next Tom Brady.

When they match up tonight, it may be the last chance to see them on equal footing. In a year or two, Brady may be on the downslide and Luck reaching his fullest potential. In three years Brady may be another QB overstaying his welcome. In three years Luck may be the new Tom Brady.

So, when they are in the same game on Sunday night, in a game of some consequence for playoff inclusion, this may be a time when they are, for a brief moment, evenly matched.

Time is cruel. You seldom see players from different generations going head to head with all their talents in full blossom. The aging process simply does not work that way.

So, when the seesaw is set up for a game at Indy, amid the bad weather, but indoors, you may see something akin to an even matchup. Since both men rely on their teammates to make their talents appear monumental, the score may rise and fall on turnovers and dropped passes.

Still, this is a rare occurrence in the universe, like seeing a supernova. The configuration of weather conditions, proximity to the event, and simple luck, may be the reason you have a prime-time special NFL moment.

Let’s hope it is as memorable as the fates will allow.


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