Tom Brady, Busboy


My busboy

We discovered Tom Brady’s resume a little earlier this year, but now we have learned that Tom left one of his most important jobs off that pivotal document. It seems that during his impressionable youth in the Bay area a few decades ago, he worked tables at a posh restaurant.

Yes, Tom posted an old photo of himself again this week—and it is the evidence that refreshed our memory. During a trip to San Francisco and a pricey restaurant, we had deplorable service.

That young man was the busboy who spilled a plate of spaghetti all over our guest, one of the little remembered owners of the New England Patriots, known in those days as the losing Patsies. It was one of the single-most embarrassing moments of our professional life, costing us season tickets to the New England Patriots. That owner soon sold the team and left us in the lurch.

When confronted, the busboy said he dropped things all the time, like footballs. We did not believe him.

And then out came the truth. He was given a large amount of money to spill the tray of spaghetti on the former Patriot owner because he was late with his alimony payment to his former Brazilian wife.

So, it now seems everything has come full circle.

Brady has tried to deflect the impact of the evidence by suggesting this young thug was merely a bon vivant looking forward to weekend football. We know better. That devilish smile means trouble to anyone who stands between him and the gaudy trophies he has used to measure his life.

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