Belichick Takes on Weather Channel



Photo: Belichick Dressed for Game in Miami

When it rains, it pours. At least that is the problem that Bill Belichick faces every week. He thinks Tom Brady can outpass the Weather Channel.

And if it isn’t raining, it’s too windy. But, no one can create a gust of windbag proportions more than the man who terrorizes Suzy Snowflake every winter.

In one of the most brazen attacks on his opponents in his career, Bill Belichick proved he was no fair weather fan.

He blasted the standard opponents as being so wrongfully constituted that they went cold half-way through any game.

Though a team named Meteorologists is not on the docket for the Super Bowl, Belichick may want to save his true fire and brimstone for a cold, winter, outdoor game. If he dismisses these weather guys now, he will be on Cloud 9 in February.

Bill Belichick has become a true New Englander. He realizes that Mark Twain was right. If you don’t like the weather, just wait a minute. It will change.

The New England Patriots coach often is a weathervane for fans and other NFL teams. As Bob Dylan said of Belichick, he’s blowing in the wind. And then some. Now he is a beacon on the rocky shores of New England, alerting us to bad weather forecasts.

Belichick became bellicose when his favorite NFL opponent’s fickle nature was raised. He then raised the roof beams with one of his most loquacious tirades and rants about weather people forecasting like amateurs.

Everybody complains about the weather, but Bill Belichick is prepared to do something about it.

Game conditions look downright mercurial on Sunday. According to Belichick, it will be sunny and pleasant.




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