Gunfight at the OK Foxboro Corral



With media insiders having conniption fits and ordinary fans going into delirium tremens, we must be looking at the 20th meeting, shoot-out, and ersatz tug of war between Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. Yes, it’s time for a Bronco-Patriots game. Stop the world.

The rivals actually never set foot on the playing field at the same time. Yet, for those not facing the TV screen with accuracy or sense of reality, this is a match-up made in heaven.


You can count on obligatory video of them chatting before the game and having a manly Manning hug in a postgame moment. They may as well be in different universes, separated by a big wormhole.

Beyond that, they will do their thing on the field. There is no pas de deux. There is no tango espresso. There is not even semaphore cheering on the sidelines as they watch each other.

When asked during the week to name common threads in game prep when Manning comes to town, Coach Bill Belichick gave a deadpan response to nail the perspective about these encounters; he shrugged with more dry qualities than a martini in regard to what stands out after 20 Manning-Brady games: “I guess Manning.”

Tom Brady continues to talk about Manning as if he is waxing eloquent about Peyton’s pop, Archie, the grand old man. Tom’s tongue is always in cheek when he refers to the glorious senior NFL citizen to whom he must pay respect .

With the clocks falling back this weekend and the windy chill descending upon the Foxboro faithful, the game will be the first dark exercise of autumn. At 4:30 kickoff will be after dusk. We’re not in summertime sunshine anymore, Toto.

Wes Welker’s Bronco team is a three-point favorite, and those little piggies cannot be pleasing to Bill Belichick who will huff and puff and try to blow down the Denver opponents on Sunday. Cue the scoreboard.


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