Tom Brady Returns from the Dead


 Brady ResumeGronky

Jake Peavy bought a duck boat in Boston, but Tom Brady has outdone him. Tom has apparently purchased a Hot Tub Time Machine.

Yes, Tom Brady has climbed out of his Dr. Strangelove wheelchair and saluted the past. Against the Chicago Cubbies, he managed to turn back time and tide. Tom suddenly looked like the teenage phenom of ten years ago.

Brady has not been leaping over tall buildings in a single bound in recent years, and perhaps today’s passes faster than a speeding bullet are merely a last hurrah.

How does this happen? Was there some special fluids in Tom’s Fountain of Youth this week? Even Rob Gronkowski who has looked old took a swig of Tom’s secret elixir. He was shaking off tackles like a dog coming out of a cold lake.

Tom threw five touchdowns on his 100th victory at Gillette Stadium. He only failed to connect five times with his receivers.

So much for Tom needing an arsenal of quality players around him. He did not throw to Wes Welker, Deion Branch, or Brandon Lloyd. He barely threw to Julian Edelman. He seemed to find a new batch of receivers. Can we extrapolate that it is Tom, not his receivers who is the big talent here?

Many so-called media experts and insiders in Boston had Tom ready for the glue factory and ready to have knackers hacked.

Apparently the old workhorse still has a few runs around the mountain left in him.

Rumors of Tom Brady’s death have been greatly exaggerated.

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