Bingo Long Meets the Boston Captains of Success


Paul Pierce


Red Sox manager Dudley Do-Right John Farrell spoke after the last game of a horrible season (but still not as horrific as 2012) and said it was time to “put the season to bed.”

Without its supper, we presume.

Yeah, early to bed makes somebody a wise guy and the lousy players get richer.

The Sox season ended on a celebratory note—the other train wreck, the New York Yankees, came to town with the Bingo Long All-Star Retirement Tour for Derek Jeter.

There’s nothing like celebrating anything when you have nothing to celebrate. With two out of three hideous Sox seasons now over, we can move on—but we may be done with Red Sox diaries of the season for a while.

Jeter has played against the Sox for 20 years, which certainly deserves some accolades. When was this concept born in a test tube?

So, the Red Sox trotted out famous past captains of Boston in their uniforms—Carl Yastrzemski, Bobby Orr, and Troy Brown. What a delight to see these symbols of success in Boston. They must have felt like the trolley let them off at the wrong station.

The best was to see the only man not retired—and no longer a Boston captain, dressed in his Celtic green. You guessed it: Paul Pierce returned to Boston, but he eschewed that ugly Washington Wizard uniform to wear a Sox cap with his Celtics jacket. You have to love the optimism in Boston. Fans haven’t had much to buzz about lately—and seeing Paul Pierce back here was a delight. It left us wondering why he isn’t playing for the Celtics.

Rondo would have been there, but he’s still recovering from a punch that broke his hand.

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