Dunces Want to Rule the Earth

DATELINE: Dumb AmericaDumb America

Most Americans believe the world is not 4 billion years old. And, they don’t believe in the Big Bang theory of creation. If it’s a concept used by eggheads and comedy TV shows, the vast majority of American public cannot take it seriously.

Most citizens apparently still believe the Earth is flat and most consider science just another religion. Yes, these are the voters (or non-voters) in this year’s elections.

The biggest failure here is the American educational system. It has taught that sabermetrics rule sports, but technology and statistics have not instilled much respect for science, expertise, and the difference between a fact and a factoid.

Welcome to the 21st century, one step away from the Dark Ages.

Freedom of choice means that most people have chosen to be free in the dark haze of dark matter, not gray matter.

The caves are not far from the new suburbs of American living. We have a nation today in which no one knows much of anything, except they don’t have to learn anything.

The Flat Earth Society may be making a comeback, and the United States is on the road to becoming the latest member of the Third World.

In Medieval times only a handful of monks could read and write—and they safeguarded the knowledge of the human race until smarter people could prevail. It appears the dunces of sex and sports, those dominating purveyors of political power, will inherit the Earth.

Science will only be accepted as this year’s plebiscite on the ballot, just a whim of opinion.

The People once showed uncommon sense, but lately seem to be the victims of uncommon nonsense.


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