For Better or Worse, Life with the Celtics and Red Sox

Brady. Brown & Baseball


On a cold day in early April, the Red Sox picked up their championship rings in a ceremony fraught with real life tragedies like fires that have killed heroic fire fighters and terror that killed Boston Marathon participants.

Across town, later, the Celtics could not pick up the pieces of a season in shambles.

Those who begged for a Celtics tanking need not have wished so hard. The damage from a lost season may sear the souls of future Celtics Jared Sullinger and Kelly Olynyk.

The last time the Celtics won a championship, the Red Sox did too. The parallels have gone in opposite directions this past year.

Now Tom Brady and Troy Brown sit at Fenway Park to watch the season opener. A few years ago, they sat at the TD Boston Garden to watch the Celtics. The times have a-changed in some parts of town.

Brady had to be thinking that, like the Celtics, his team has not won a world championship since the glorious year that Boston had winners everywhere.

After watching the ease of winning for so many years, it is perplexing to watch the pain of losing. Did those teams back in 2007 make it look like a cakewalk? Was it harder than we realized?

The Celtics, Patriots, and Rd Sox seem to play the same game in the same way—but results are not so lucky for two out of three.

Boston fans are wed to their teams for better or worse—and now the fan vows are straining. The times are poorer, not richer, and the health of the Celtics is definitely in the sicker range.

Since 2007 the Patriots have ended up playing bridesmaids. And now the Celtics are standing in the last pew of the church, sobbing softly into their hankies.

The ring-bearers were all smiles in the Cathedral at Fenway.



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