NBA Bans Lebron’s New Identity

 DATELINE: Man without a Face


Sincerely yours, Lebron

The NBA has banned the mask of Dimitrios Lebron. The gutless NBA cannot stand anything original.

For the basketball league, the chosen disguise of Lebron James has become the Masque of Red Death.

The NBA fears ridicule. This is fairly amusing in itself when you consider their bad referees, history of cheaters, and gun-toting thugs.

Lebron James has been ordered never again to don the mask of infamy.  Only the NBA could remove the mask of the Lone Ranger, expose the identity of Batman, and forbid Lebron James from his stylish facial foppery. Our own mask (thanks to the Elephant Man) has given us renewed courage and confidence.Image

Yours truly, Ossurworld

If James had an ounce of courage, he’d withstand the fines and continue to wear his newly forged identity. It may be the first action that could actually make him popular.

Casting the mask into the pit of hell by the new basketball commissioner (what’s his name) may turn out to be the first act of a man destined to become a laughingstock.

It’s fairly hard to turn Lebron into a figure of sympathy and pity, but the NBA never fails to demean their own sport with petty rules.

If you think Lebron makes an echo of Michael Myers from Halloween, you are up there with NBA logic. Had Lebron done his mask in white, you’d see echoes of the Phantom of the Opera, which would be too high-brow for the NBA.

By surrendering his mask for a pre-approval plastic one chosen by the league, Lebron James has gone from being a fun figure to Darth Vader yet again.


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