Doubles All Around for Boston Celtics

DATELINE: Birth of a Celtics Nation


Both sides of Jelly O’Sully had their first double-double.

Two double-doubles is better than a double martini shaken not stirred.

It may not be the last, but the Boston Celtics may be watching the birth of a bigger Baby than tanksters deserve.

They beat the worst team in the NBA handily when two young stars cut their teeth on the path to grow up to be real Celtics.

Jared Sullinger and Kelly Olynyk seldom play together, as their coach apparently wants them to be individual stars, not Siamese Twin stars.

jelly O'Sully

Yet, the Celtics version of Chang and Eng may be closer to being Bird & McHale, Garnett & Pierce, or even Heinsohn & Cousy than anyone ever suspected.

Those myriad fans not watching the development of Sullinger and Olynyk will be the first to claim they saw it first way back in 2014 when the partnership results in a plethora of Banners to hang on the rafters.

Two double-doubles is sweet, especially when there is no Rondo feeding the babies their formula for success. Yes, they did it with Phil Pressey, not Rajon Rondo, as their chief little booster.

If they ever gain clout with the front office, you can count on the fact that Jelly O’Sully will insist they be spread upon the bread known as “Don’t Call Me Elvis” Pressey.

Ah, youth, for once it is not wasted on the young. Let’s hope it is not wasted on Trader Danny Ainge who may be facing a weeklong fire sale before the NBA trade deadline leaves a bunch of dead ducks in its wake.


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