Finally the Bills Come Due



The Family’s Jules

Last games of the season are never easy nor pretty.

You know that it could be a trap, or it could be a travesty. In either case, the surprise on Xmas week is like receiving a credit card bill from Target after their massive security breach.

You know you bought something, but the sale price is not reflected on your bank statement. So it is for Bill Belichick. He used the best of psychology in the penultimate game, but his bag of tricks for the last game may be emptier than the script for Now You See Me.

Magic moments aren’t what they used to be: even Hugh Jackman has disappeared from the new Broadway play called Houdini. And, Channing Tatum’s sequel to Magic Mike is a way off.

If there are surprises left in the playbook, Belichick may want to save them for the playoffs. You can only hope that the Bills have not videotaped the Patriots practice sessions.

No matter the outcome, Belichick knows his job is secure unlike so many of his colleagues this season. Few, if any, were ever his peers. The Kubiaks, Ryans, and Shanahans, may be run out of their perspective towns on a rail, tarred and feathered.

Belichick is more stolid than the Bank of America.

The tender used by Belichick is hardly based on plastic cards.

The Patriot motto has always been “In Bill We Trust,” and this year he has used his personal currency in the market and passed off Monopoly money to the NFL. His team is now made up of rookies and undrafted 4Fs. To some it is fool’s gold. To others Belichick is minting Kuggerrands.

Belichick is playing with House money, and he still wins with the most unlikely team. All season he has put the worst team with the best record on the field.

In a world where NFL teams are built like a house of credit cards, Belichick knows that the Bills could huff and puff and blow his house down.

The three little piggies (Amendola, Edelman, and Ridley) must hope that the big bad Bills don’t eat them alive.


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