Patriots Sing the Forgotten Verse of Jingle Bells



Belichick & Brady Sleigh Ride

Do you see what we see?

The Patriots took a sleigh ride in Baltimore. They did not to dash through the snow expecting to go laughing all the way. Most of their fans had thrown away the sheet music and had no idea how their song would end this season.

Over the field, Tom Brady led his team as if it was a one-horse sleigh ride.

A day or two ago, experts and pundits thought the Patriots would take a ride to the dark side, ending up buried in the biggest drift they have ever seen in December.

But, Fanny Bright Belichick was in the driver’s seat. He has fashioned a lean and lank beast that seemed to be set up for misfortune as his lot in the NFL.

Every NFL media member had been telling a story that the Patriots were ready to fall out of the sleigh during the bumpy ride along an icy patch.

Most fans thought the Ravens, riding by in their sleigh driven by Joe Flacco, would be laughing and leaving the Pats out there in a drift on their backside as the Ravens drove on.

When the ground is white, the Patriots usually thrive on victory. But, the sleigh ride took a turn that no one except Tom Brady may have expected.  He took his bobtailed bay and the sleigh with a crack into the lead.

Once again as in olden days, faithful fans were dear once more. Through the years, the Patriots have shown what the fates will allow.

Belichick has now put a star on the highest bough, giving the Patriots a merry little Christmas week before the season’s end.

Jingle Bells indeed. We have muddled through somehow.

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