Boston Sports All-Chippendale Magic Mike Team


In Boston we have been blessed with a plethora of endowed musclemen and pro athletes who will strip down to skivvies for our delectation, or even for their own delectation. It beats the Speedo Santa race in Boston by a mile.

So, it seems only fitting that we start the first annual Magic Mike Chippendale Athlete (MMCA of Boston) award. This award honors Channing Tatum who disrobes every chance he has.

This may end up being a rival to the annual Garbo Award to the Boston athlete/personality who most fulfills the mercurial temperament of the legendary actress. Of course, the award has been won every year by Rajon Rondo since its inception.


Now that Jacoby Ellsbury has gone to the Big Apple to follow in the footsteps of Garbo, it may be that Rondo will have no competition for next year’s Garbo.

He does have competition for the Magic Mike Chippendale Award. Rondo will have a hard time putting muscle on his fellow nominees.


MIKE NAPOLI:  Upon winning the World Series, Napoli toured every bar in Boston, losing only his shirt in the process. He surprised everyone by showing not an ounce of flab on his beefy torso.


BRAD MARCHAND: Complaining that he was the first Boston champion to strip down in public, Marchand continues to show the form of a Chippendale, with only his dog tags to tell us vital information. Brad


RAJON RONDO:  As the only Boston Celtic to consistently practice shirtless to show off his large double RR tattoo on his back, Rondo will even play cornhole shirtless to intimidate other players.rondoprometheus


JULIAN EDELMAN: A self-aggrandizer, Julian has tweeted his shirtless look on Twitter, and seems to be most hirsute of all the nominees.JULIAN


ROB GRONKOWSKI:  Almost in the Hall of Fame of shirtless dancers, there isn’t a bar from Boston to Las Vegas where Gronk hasn’t shown off abs out of fantasy land.


Voting is brisk, especially in the cold weather of Boston, but as soon as the stripdown is complete, we will announce this year’s top down winner.

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