Red Sox Keelboats and Duckboats, Avast!



Peavy’s tweeted retreat with love boat.

Red Sox pitcher Jake Peavy shelled out a mere pittance of $75,000 for his used duckboat. He has now tweeted out a photo that shows the duckboat home to roost at its coming out party in the land of sweet yams.

Now the duckboat makes a home in Alabama. And why not? London Bridge wound up in the Nevada desert. The duckboat seems swimmingly right in Sweet Caroline’s Sweet Alabama.

You expect to see a keelboat race on the lakeshore where Peavy makes his home, and his duckboat seems to offer a better victory lap than keelhauled racers on the rapids.

Fellow Sox free spirit, Johnny Gomes takes credit for challenging his teammate to make that purchase for Peavy’s grand estate in Alabama where he lacked a duckboat. So, Peavy allowed himself the luxury of being the first player to buy the parade boat he sailed the Charles upon. It was on a flatbed truck last week, and now Peavy floats his boat daily.

Gomes is delighted that he can now visit Alabama and relive the duckboat experience on the private lake owned by Peavy.


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