Boston Celtics to Watch: Sullinger & Olynyk

DATELINE: Malapropism Watchwords


We hate to give credit where credit is due. So, we won’t.

But this week when Kelly Olynyk and Jared Sullinger started their first game together in San Antonio, Texas, one of the wags on one of the Boston rags came up with a nickname for the ages to baptize the Celtics version of Martin & Lewis, bypassing Gronk & Hernandez of yore.

The wag writer referred to the starring starters as Jelly Sullynyk. You gotta love it. We’re swallowing it whole.

We’ve been trumped, quartered, and keel-hauled.

Henceforth, we must note the birth of the twin stars, Castor and Pollux, are really Kelly and Jared. Jelly, indeed. Spread the word.

If Danny Ainge, aka Trader Danny, does not split these Chang and Eng Siamese Twins over the next year or two, the Celtics may well be closer to a peanut butter and Jelly Sullynyk sandwich.  KO&J on wry, please.

It’s not exactly Rajon Rondo’s healthy meal choice (as prepared by the master chef), but he will be able to cook up a few interesting plays with this choice morsel if he can get off his bad knee.

Last week we considered Kelly and jared as a kind of Bird and Magic act on the highwire. Now we know our metaphor was only half a loaf.

The new couple may be making bigger headlines than neutrinos hitting the South Pole or convicted murdering millionaires being granted a new trial and released from prison, but Jelly Sullynyk has style and panache, if not downright duende.


 Celtics fans may want to reminisce about the good old days with the humorous human interest tales of RAJON RONDO: SUPERSTAR. It’s available on in ebook format for smart readers.


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