Boston: The Best of Times, The Worst of Times



Field of Dreamers Discuss Big Papi in the Afterlife



The unbelievable has occurred.

We never expected to be wallowing in a World Series victory from this team when we first started compiling the essays herewith.

The Red Sox could not be denied.

When we first observed the tweaks of Ben Cherington, we didn’t think there’d be much to celebrate with this group.

The Bosox marched into history.

Our favorite target for bloated expectations and overblown size was the Big Papi, but he cemented a shrine in history with his World Series.

Beards trumped Red Stockings.

Every player contributed to the experience with solid seasons, not necessarily their career best, but together their quantitative strongest.

Boston Strong emerged as a phenomenon.

After a horrific terror attack on Patriots Day, the Boston team kept their “617” jersey in the dugout for every game and helped to foster the motto “Boston Strong.”

Triumph finally defeated terror.

The Red Sox were playing their traditional late morning game in April when the opening sports act of the holiday was blown apart. Singlehandedly, the Sox put the Boston sports world back together with an amazing season.

Cynical humorists were sent packing.

The lifeblood of satire is the hyperbole used to expose foible and folly, but the Red Sox undercut exaggerated parody and whimsical skeet shooting by simply showing that even the worst, lowest, crestfallen teams can turn it around in one year. They banished memories of 2012.

The best of times and the worst of times were indeed side-by-side, but the best will be remembered as the panacea to its ugly stepsister’s appearance.



 Red Sox fans now can read the entire collection of humor essays about the amazing season. RED SOX 2013: NAKED CAME THE LINEUP is now published on for smartreaders and in softcover.


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