Obama in Boston to Honor Fundraising Donors


President Barack Obama may surprise the throngs at Fenway by horning in on the World Series Game 6.

Mr. Obama is in town to deplete the overworked police department while he goes to a fundraiser a few hours before the first pitch is tossed.

Whether he decides to crash the party depends probably on how many Tea Party Red Sox are on the field. It is far more likely that the Cardinals are Republicans, but don’t forget that the Sox have their fair share of Texans among the starting pitching.

Whatever the reason Obama has to show up at Fenway Park, he may have more fans in the stands than he has in the dugouts.

Since he is not running for reelection and prefers basketball, we wonder why he has not scheduled his visit to coincide with Wild Bill Hickok Russell’s unveiling of his gun and holster at the bronze statue the city is dedicating.

Obama probably does not want his photo taken with wife-beater Jared Sullinger, now suspended for a game for a dropped charge never proven. 

At least we know that Tim Thomas won’t have to go AWOL at the TD Garden because Obama is in town. Thomas is now toiling in the steamy jungles of Florida where hockey is a purist sport.

The President could do everyone a favor to bring the country together: he could simply change his plans and stay out of Boston altogether. Didn’t anyone tell him the Tea Party started in Boston?

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