Belichick Hears It From the Fans

Image Belichick in Happier Times


The impervious Bill Belichick gave one small hint in his post-game press conference about how sensitive he really is.

Belichick noted that the Patriots did not play well in the first half of the game against the Dolphins. He mentioned off-hand that was why the fans were booing as they went off the field.

What on earth is this? Bill Belichick is responding to a poll of public opinion? Apparently the coach knows when people are displeased with him and his team’s effort.

Not surprisingly, upon returning to the field, the Patriots looked like the team of yore—minus many of their biggest stars. This is the new fangled, Belichick Laboratories’ creation.

The mad scientist of the NFL has been concocting winners for years, and this year he went back to the recipe book for something new and not as sweet. Alas, his soufflé has fallen flat on a weekly basis, but at halftime against the Dolphins, a dollop of dolphin fish oil seems to have done the trick.

The Patriots then gave the fans a treat.

Knuckles Brady denied his edema of the fist had any effect on his game. Though some worried he should not have been playing, we saw Belichick come to the sidelines and speak some sweet nothing at his star. Tom gave a cursory nod and played like a man ten years younger.

Purists may decry the state of the Patriots, but if your record says who you are, this is a team that may not look pretty, but they are compiling wins however they can gather them.

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