The New Bill Buckner & Calvin Schiraldi




Every ugly slander spoken of the St. Louis Cardinals after game one is now being repeated on behalf of the Red Sox after game three.

Choking, rationalizing, and revealing their 2012 roots, the Red Sox who have overachieved were suddenly underachieving. Only the anti-perspirant of victory can change that.

The difference is that the manager has injected his reputation into the mix. He needs one victory in St. Louis to rebound.

Callow as the World Series experience goes for  a manager, Farrell has suffered stinging rebukes for nearly every move he has made. The third game will go down with his reputation as the Titanic of his nights as captain of the luxury liner heading downward.

Now if a single decision has changed the game to the Sox favor, the doubters would be accused of cynicism and over sensitivity. Now they will be accused of sentience and perspicacity. Not a bad call for uneducated morons. They have peaked too soon, as usual.

The umpires stole the third game as much as they did with a push and shove to the Patriots defensive line. To win the World Series will have sweeter taste after theTarot cards laid out a Sox defeat.

Will Middlebrooks may be ruined from here onward. We think of young Calvin Schiraldi so many years ago, sitting forlorn after blowing the big game in the ninth inning. He was ruined in Boston, ruined in baseball, and ruined in character by his flub.

Now Will Middlebrooks will hear it far worse from 24/7 sports media for eight days a week.

In arcane terms, he obstructed in the bottom of the ninth. It might be called choking in his callow youth, or it might be a judgment call out of the St. Louis Rapture with the apocalypse looming.

Will Middlebrooks may succeed Bill Buckner as the goat of the series. The curse on the Red Sox appears to be reinstated, but only if the Sox fail to recover. One victory in St. Louis brings them back to Boston for an advantage. Middlebrooks prays for that chance. 


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