The Most Dangerous Game or The Gunfighter: George Zimmerman

 DATELINE: Movie Parallels in Real Life

Is George Zimmerman the example of white America’s revenge for the O.J. Simpson verdict? We think there are more apt analogies than The Naked Gun.

Whether he is or not, Mr. Zimmerman is now the latest example of a dead man walking. Unlike the other “innocent” Floridian killer, Casey Anthony, it is harder for a fat man to hide in America.

And hiding is now the only option for this self-proclaimed Hispanic man.

When a large percentage of the citizenry think he is guilty and should be hunted down and executed, you can count on the fact that gangs in American black urban areas are drawing up battle plans.

Even Zimmerman’s lawyer is calling him a “marked man.”

After plugging a 17-year old black kid, Zimmerman’s life is not worth a plug nickel.

White America did not riot when O.J. walked, nor did they put a bounty on his head. Instead, he was watched until another charge could incarcerate him.

So it will be for Zimmerman. Some justice system will find a trumped up charge to arrest him, and then in some county jail he will meet the fate of Jeffrey Dahmer or Albert DeSalvo.

We have thought for a long time that Zimmerman has the look of a stalking predator about him, but he is no dangerous game. He looks like a bowl of jelly. If we were casting the nefarious General Zaroff in a new movie, we’d give George Zimmerman a call.

In the meantime, George Zimmerman will wear body armor and carry a gun wherever he goes.

If you recall an old Western by the name of The Gunfighter, Gregory Peck played a gunslinger named Jimmy Ringo whose life was a nightmare of young punks looking to plug him in the back in some alley.

Welcome to your new life as a Western gunslinger, Mr. Zimmerman.

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