Rondo for Lin, Straight Up?



The word on Causeway Street is that the Celtics cannot risk death of their young new coach by poison.

To avoid this unpleasant end to the bridge year to building, the Celtics must unload Rajon Rondo. If you are building from scratch, you may as well demolish the penthouse.

This theory seems to fail because Rondo is the only legitimate star left on the team. Of course, they may trade for another star. Who would want Rondo and give up a legitimate star point guard?

And that brings us to the conundrum’s solution.

Danny Ainge has a difficult point guard, and he needs an equally talented guard in return for any trade.

The one person Danny always consults is his closest friend and coach of the Houston Rockets, Kevin McHale. The Rockets have just signed Rondo’s dreamboat center: Dwight Howard.

McHale is an affable man, and he may be able to mix and match Rondo and Howard on the same team.

That means Jeremy Lin goes to Boston. Actually he returns to Boston because Lin knows the area well, having played his college basketball across the river at Harvard.

If the pieces of this scenario seem far-fetched, they are also perfectly matched. This may be the sole trade situation that fits both teams and all players.

Will it happen? You’ll know in August.


If you want to know about Rondo, you must read RAJON RONDO: SUPERSTAR and its sequel RAJON RONDO & THE GREEN NEBULA. The books are available on in e-book or softcover.

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