The Boston Celtics and Red Sox: Ebb and Flow



One chapter opens, and another chapter closes.


The Red Sox have come to life just as the Celtics do the dance of death.


One team was expected to be a disaster, wallowing in the cellar of their league, and the other was expected to shine in the playoffs, having kept their aging stars in cryogenic perfection throughout the season.


Alas, those best laid plans have yet again taken a hit. Mice have supplanted men in the scheme of playing under pressure. The Celtics used to have Lenny and George on their team, but now Rondo is out for the season and Kendrick Perkins is the Okie from the Thunder.


Those players who were supposed to rise to the occasion have fallen onto their swords, and those who were thought to be deader than a doornail have risen from the grave.


It’s the ironic world of Boston sports where sell-outs go south and the team rises to lead the league.


It’s the metaphoric world of Boston sports where a Hall of Fame starting lineup is inevitably replaced with a bunch made in China.


Separating the men from the boys of summer may be more difficult when the men are golden agers and the boys are not much younger.


It’s a world where Kevin Garnett is dropping out of his métier and David Ortiz is dropping F-bombs on national television.


The Red Sox and Celtics are heading in opposite directions, and like ships in the Night, they have passed each other on the calendar and in the standings.


With the changing of the guard comes a topsy-turvy world. The Celtics were supposed to win, and the Red Sox were supposed to lose. April is definitely the cruelest month in Boston when it comes to expectations.


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