Celtics Knock Knicks Knack




All the Celtics are pointing out the New York Knickerbockers are better than anything seen since Washington Irving penned a few tales about the breed.


When it comes to false modesty, the Celtics take the prize. If the series comes down to smack-talking, the Boston team will win by keeping a golden silence.


Kevin Garnett has promised to keep his cross words and sharp tongue firmly in his cheek.


Yes, the latest rights of braggadocio center on the virtue of praising your opponent. In an age when everything else has been tried, you may as well start spouting the truth. Who knows? Perhaps it will set the Celtics to the free-throw line.


The Celtics don’t have much when it comes to three-pointers unless they take up the three points of Doc Rivers: see no Melo, speak no Melo, and hear no Melo.


All season Carmelo has been a carbuncle when it comes to sticking in the Celtics’ craw.


With all the Knicks knights back from the knell of the DL, the Celtics know that they have about as much chance as the Knights Templar facing the Inquisition.


The Knicks already see the Celtics as nothing more than a knish at midnight. The Green Team may be looking at a knucklier end to the knackers. Arrogant New Yorkers are predicting a knockdown in game four.


If the Celtics find their kneecaps broken by the knave Knicks, then the knowledge may sink them to one knee before half-time knocks the air out of their knarry fate.


The Knicks merely give the world a knockoff version of a champion. And that’s the way you play crossword basketball.






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