LeBlob James Jams the NBA Publicity Machine


Crybaby LeBron has returned like the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny. You cannot keep a perennial from blooming when the season comes around.

After a season when the media has fallen in line with the NBA line, LeBron has been turned into Michael Jordan and Wilt Chamberlain with a halo.

So, when the belligerent superstar decides to complain that he wants more, the entire cast of characters is shocked. What more can he expect?

General Manager Danny Ainge of the Celtics watched LeBron knock down a player half his size, Jason Terry, in a recent game and escape with nary a blood blister on his dirty hands.

And, when Ainge pointed out that Emperor LeBron is not wearing any clothes, the chief bottle washer of the NBA, Pat Riley, told him impolitely to shut up.

So at a time when the NBA publicity machine is building him up as the man who can finally help Clarence win his angel wings, LeBron would rather do the Harlem Shuffle with Beelzebub, bub.

Christmas has come every day this season for LeBron, but he’d rather complain that the NBA is his April Fool. It will be a hard sell to continue the fraud that LeBron is a swell guy after he celebrates Benedict Arnold’s birthday.

The Blob that ate Cleveland has nothing on the Blob that is the egomaniac named LeBlob. He is swallowing up goodwill faster than you can say Most Valuable Player.




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