Tom Brady Meets Donnie Darko


BradyPullsRabbitWith Wes Welker moving to Denver, Tom Brady must be lonely without his friend.

So, it comes as no surprise that Tom has filmed some commercials for Unreal candy with the Easter Bunny.

Brady has done some off-beat commercials for the candy product in the previous season, but his hanging out with a large white rabbit starts to look disturbing.

We can only tell people that any similarity between Tom Brady and Donnie Darko is strictly coincidental.

However, having a demonic large white rabbit show up on the heels of Welker’s departure may be karma gone mad.

We wonder if any other people in the Brady household can see the rabbit when Tom animated speaks to it. If things for the Patriots could get any worse, we are not sure how they could top Tom Brady taking a white rabbit out to his Brentwood backyard and teaching him how to celebrate a touchdown.

Not since Elwood P. Dowd was served commitment papers for talking to a giant white rabbit named Harvey have we seen such a case for the men in the white coats.

Worse yet, Tom nearly decapitates the Easter Bunny in another commercial when he tries to force a small Patriots helmet down on the rabbit’s head. The size of the helmet tells us that it is a Welker model.

Obviously there is no Patriot who would fit into that white rabbit fur costume, especially since both Welker and Danny Woodhead have moved on to other teams. They were the only Patriots who could stuff themselves into a white rabbit costume.

We hope Tom Brady finds the therapy he needs before the next season begins.




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