Jared Sullinger Emerges as the Anti-Rondo



Jared Sullinger may be like those little mammals that waited till the dinosaurs disappeared and left a wide corridor for his emergence.

Jared now has a clear field to become the next Larry Bird, or at least the new Gronk.

Always seen around coach Doc Rivers, Sullinger gives high fives to his coach when he comes off the court. No Celtics rookie ever spoke to Doc before Sullinger suited up.

Not even Avery Bradley received the minutes played in his first year that Jared Sullinger now has nightly.

He took a giant step forward with the Celtics double overtime win over Miami. For the first time all season, he was not in foul trouble. In fact, he had only one foul for the entire game. He has been effectively courting the referees, and now it is paying off.

In that sense, Sullinger is the anti-Rondo. He will not throw a ball at the ref. He will not step on the ref’s heel. He will not bump into the man with the whistle.

Rondo manages to give the Rondo Death Stare to anyone who missteps on his own team. As far as Sullinger is concerned, the sleepy-eyed player seems non-threatening.

That act is a camouflage for his cobra defense.

Teamed with Avery Bradley, Sullinger may be the future defensive tandem of the Celtics. Those aging big guys still have a few more games in them, but the excitement will likely come from the players who are under 22 years of age.



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