Tackled, Crushed, and Congratulated by LeBron James



LeBron James, a millionaire businessman and sometime basketball player, showed exuberance beyond the call of duty when a fan hooked a shot at halftime to win a contest in Miami.

The lucky fan stood at half-court at half-time and rang at perfect throw into the net. He won $75,000 for his efforts, not a paltry sum, but not exactly the lottery winner.

Alas, out of the blue rushing toward the happy contestant was LeBron James, a man about double the size of the winning tosser.

A high-wave or fist kiss might be in order, but LeBron tackled the man who was about to be crushed by the massive weight of a nearly naked basketball player.

Fortunately, James rolled onto his back, sparing severe damage to the fan. Even so, like a MMA contestant, the fan tapped LeBron on the shoulder in the embrace, as if to say, “Okay, now get the hell off me.”

A few said LeBron embraced the fan. Others said he hugged him. Some more accurately said he overwhelmed the fan with a bear hug. It looked like a tackle on the lines of Bernard Pollard.


If this had happened in a prison shower, we suspect LeBron would take no prisoners like the poor little fan.

It appeared that he rolled the contestant trying to take away the winnings.

James was fortunate the fan did not imitate Tom Brady and lift a leg into LeBron’s soft underbelly as he went down.


In fact, it was nearly an assault and battery. Why was LeBron so excited? Was he getting a cut of the action? Was this orchestrated for the highlight reel? Had LeBron never seen a half-court throw succeed?

Luckily for everyone, the fan did not call his lawyer after picking himself up off the floor.

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