Pelican or Pelicant: New Orleans Christens Its NBA Team



You may be forgiven if you have no idea what to call a professional basketball team in New Orleans.


They might be called the Mardi Gras because their name seems to mask a long winter’s fast, or an overdone parade.


Yes, those crazy fools down in the land of levies and Jimmy Dean’s song about a battle have done it again.


New Orleans has dumped on another name, just when you found it easier to remember after years of misspeaking.


If you are shocked that the Jazz are no longer the name of the team in New Orleans, you are living in another century.


The NOLA team has dropped its sting, having found only death at the box office under the sobriquet of The Hornets.


Yes, the feisty little insect that smirked on their uniform has been swatted away, or swallowed up. Someone sprayed bug killer on the name.


If you are wondering what to call the Louisiana basketball losers this time around, look to the air.


Yes, apparently someone saw a pelican fly over the delta and decided the gullet that could hold every victory the team has had in two years would be appropriate as mascot.


Don’t confuse the Pelican with the Albatross, which is how the team has performed annually in the NBA leagues.


A friend who speaks Creole often mistakes a flamingo for a swan when he translates to English. You may mistake a pelican for a buzzard when the team plays.


Thus, you are now meeting the New Orleans Pelicans. We suspect this bird will not know the word any more than that insect spread the buzz, or that tune could be called jazz in years previous.


The presumptuous Pelicans may soon be living as the Pelicants. Whatever you call them, one of the least successful franchises in the NBA may be an extinct fowl in a decade.


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