Pacino Picks Up the Pace


Al Pacino is on board to play Joe Paterno, the man who never met a pedophile even if the criminal was his best friend for thirty years.


The bigger question about the ridiculous homage movie to Joe Paterno will be the identity of the actor who will steal the movie as Jerry Sandusky.


Pacino should also be aware that his thunder may be overtaken by any actress who accepts the role as Paterno’s long-suffering and dim-witted wife. She never sees anything but good.


Joe Paterno was a lucky man to find a woman who was deaf, dumb, blind, and in love with him. As if the give us a sense of the comedy, the film is tentatively called Happy Valley.


Pacino, it should be noted, is planning on playing several notable people in movies over the next year or so. Another of his less controversial roles shall be Henri Matisse, the extraordinary French artiste. Called Masterpiece, it will detail the old man’s inspiration with a young beautiful nurse.


Al will also play Marco Polo’s father, and one of gangster John Gotti’s aides, reverting to an earlier successful typecasting.


Not to be outdone by modern shenanigans, Pacino will tackled King Lear. If there is a common thread to all the roles the former Godfather is accepting nowadays, it must be that they are all old fools.

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